Reflections of Thanksgiving

The kitchen is finally clean again and all the leftovers are neatly stowed away in the fridge.  We will have another thanksgiving meal from the leftovers again and still have enough for sandwiches and snacking.  Our sweet tooth will again be satisfied from the pies and cake that still take up space on the counter or fridge.

It is the day after and I am still thinking about family, friends and what causes me to be thankful.

On the TV the usual litany of murders, accidents, fires and events that happen to normal everyday people are chronicled.  I am thankful that those I love are safe and have another day to live.  I am truly blessed.  While I wished that all the kids could have put their feet under my food laden table it was not to be.  Separated by miles we were still able to connect by skype, instant message, and phone.  Those far away brought joy just with the sound of their voices and this gives me another reason for thankfulness – technology.

Sitting on the lanai the weather is warm and the blue sky clear and the sun shines brightly.  Ok, so I live in Florida – not the colder climates.  Thankful – oh yes.  These old bones are glad we are not shoveling snow, no ice on the roads and I can see flowers and green grass.  I am grateful that my skies are not filled with smoke from bombs and the roar of planes carrying their payloads of destruction.  I live in the United States and even for me; America with all of her faults still is a blessing to live here.

Reflecting on the past few days and the election (and no I am not going to comment about the results) I am thankful that I can cast a ballot without fear of reprisal.  I have the freedom to worship or not to worship and no one can dictate my beliefs.  Watching the protests pro and con reminds me that I have the freedom to do this without fear of reprisal – especially if I do it in the proper manner without violence and the use of destruction.  America with all of her faults, with all of her failures is still the greatest country and I am thankful. I can come and go as I please; the choices of various things are abundant.

For every opportunity presented to me and for all the freedoms I have I am thankful.

The scripture says “whom the son sets free is free indeed.”  My freedom, not in just in the country and in the state I reside is good but better than all of this I am free from the sins of my past, my guilt is erased by Jesus Christ and there is an assurance of my eternal future.

Sitting at the kitchen table and reflecting on all my blessings, those earthly and those heavenly, this lady’s heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness.


The Uninvited Guests

She heard the knock at the door.  Who would be calling at this time?  Standing there was the last person she expected.  Miss Pity breezed in and past her.  Her presence filled the space and her essence permeated everything.  Right behind her trouped, doubt, fear, mistrust and few more of her close friends.

I didn’t invite you she told the guest.  I came anyway because I just knew you needed me.  She was right.  Feeling sorry for myself I allowed Miss Pity to set the agenda for my morning.  There was the gentle reminder of who had offended me then she laid out a long list of things from my past. We sat down as the delectable morsels of faded memories and accusations we spread before me.

She was right.  I needed her.  I needed to feel that poor little oh me syndrome.  It wasn’t long before doubt and fear unpacked their basket of goodies and I was overcome with what they said  was  true.  It wasn’t but then they were really convincing.  Mistrust was the last to bring her enticing delights.  I should only trust Pity and her friends she reminded me.

Yes, yes, they were right.  I shouldn’t be treated like this I thought to myself.  The ladies, my so called friends, spoke cruel and punishing words. I didn’t need friends who would whisper behind my back and share things I had said in confidence.

Fear was dancing for glee.  This pity party was going exactly as planned.  It wouldn’t be long before their hostess would be filled with fear and mistrust.  They would have her captive then. They could control her and she would never breakthrough to victory.

They twisted God’s word to fit their agenda saying, “If God  really cares – then why is everyone else blessed and not you.”  God is punishing you was another tidbit they placed on my plate. He really doesn’t care about you.

These uninvited guests were winning.  They could feel it and they settled down for what they thought would be a long extended visit.

The phone rang and the hostess rose to answer.  Her guests said let it go, they will call back later.  After all these uninvited guests had so much more to share.

No, no she couldn’t do that.  “Hello,” she said.  It was her friend and she had called to remind her that she would be there in a few minutes to pick her up.  She had forgotten – a girls lunch out.  She didn’t feel like going but – she was one to not disappoint.  She dismissed her guests and Miss Pity and her pals were ushered out.

Lunch was delightful.  Her three friends brought her gifts.  They shared love, joy and peace with her.  Prayer time and reading from the Father’s love letter (the Bible) encouraged her heart.  Sharing together they told her everyone goes through those times of having a “pity party.”

It was time to go home.  She left encouraged and lifted by their friendship and love.  She determined the next time Miss Pity came to call she would refuse to entertain her and would close the door.  She just didn’t have time for them anymore.


Learning Lessons

Sometimes I am a little hard headed and often I have to repeat the lessons God is trying to teach me. Finally I get tired of being in 1st grade and learn the lessons and moved to the next level.

Years ago I became aware of a need in a family’s life. It wasn’t life threatening but it was a concern they had. God spoke to me and said, “the money you have tucked away, I want you to give it to that family.” After arguing with God, (but Lord it took me a long time to save that much – I have plans for that money) I finally surrendered and folded the money in an envelope and gave it to the mother. I knew the pressing need they had and really expected them to apply that money to the need. You can imagine my surprise when I found out that they took “my private stash” and spent it on something frivolous. You can believe I let God know how upset I was. “God what were you thinking?” Don’t question God because He will answer and I was truly put in my place. His words to me were, “It is not about how they used the money it is about whether you are willing to do what I ask of you and leave the rest to me.” I never forgot that lesson. I bowed my head and asked forgiveness and promised not to question His requests.
I learned it was not about them and what they did it was about me and my obedience.

At other times I find it easy to do what He asks. It just seems natural to obey. When I surrender to His plan my life is much richer. Again, there are the other times when ruling and guiding my own life seems better. “Will I ever learn?” My Heavenly watches from heavens gates and in patience lets me have my way.

It never fails when I take control and place self on the throne of my heart things never go right. Oh, for a while things are good. Thinking to myself “see, I can do this, things are going just the way I wanted.” It never fails, sooner and sometimes later, smack dab in the middle of my “little world” a problem arises, an insurmountable obstacle I can’t handle. Like the prodigal son in scripture who returns to his father, I find myself running to my Heavenly Father and asking for help with my insurmountable obstacle.

Sometimes in my rush to Him I forget to say I am sorry Lord. You rule my life I tell him. In His love He folds me in His arms and draws me back into a right relationship with Him. As His grace and mercy surround me I find myself weeping for His acceptance and forgiveness.

Sin always has consequences and my own selfishness has caused me to bear those circumstances but there comes a realization in knowing God understands and He will make a way through the mess I have caused. I am learning to lean on Him and trust Him in all things.

I just keep learning lessons.



In my early years I dreamed of a home with sleek shiny black lacquer furniture, and a color scheme of teal and salmon colors. Only the bare essentials would be allowed to sit on tables or other surfaces. Somehow that never happened.

As years progressed and three children entered the picture I found more and more stuff added to the space we called home. As young pastors just out of seminary theology books became an obsession and soon books began taking over. At one time we had close to three to four hundred books and more, it seemed, were added daily.

My “love” was kitchen items. Since I loved to bake various sized and shaped cake pans were stuffed into the cupboards.

Sometime during our marriage I decided to declutter some of the areas and get rid of any duplicates or obsolete items around the house. This is not an easy task. I could tell you who gave the item, or when and what occasion the item was added to the collection. Some things given away seemed like I was parting with a family member.

Now, at this age, I have begun to purge things again and I do this is short spans of time, not all at once. It is easier that way. I still have things to give away. Empty nesters simply do not need 3 casserole dishes of every size. Cooking for large groups is very rare these days so extra-large serving bowls have been delete. Ok, I kept a few but not as many as I had before.

Every time I begin a decluttering task my mind begins to think of some of the intangible things in my life that need to go.

I ask myself, have I held on to prejudice or bitterness. I certainly don’t what this to be packed in my spiritual baggage.

What about disagreeableness. Do I allow this to keep popping up. When it does I want to discard it.

Anger is something else I don’t want hanging around. If allowed, it can control your life and you can become just an angry bitter person.

I don’t know about you but I have a list of things I don’t want cluttering up my life and soul. It is a constant vigil to keep these things out of my life and surrendered to God.

This decluttering task is never ending and if I am not vigilant I find myself adding back some of the things I have let go. When this happen I call out the powerful lines from a song written years ago “Search Me O God and know my heart today.” (James Edwin More)

He answers – “I will.”



The silence in the room was so loud every other sound disappeared. The long fingers of quiet gripped her heart and soul. She could hear inner thoughts coursing through her mind. She didn’t want to think about the thoughts.

The beat of her heart vibrated in her ears in the vacuum that was in the room. She was conscious of everything inside her yet outside there was only silence.

She wanted to break the silence and talk, or scream or even sing but she was compelled to wait. Why? She didn’t know.

In the midst of her overwhelming confusion a still small voice echoed in her soul. She recognized that voice. It was the voice of the one that loved her so. He spoke and His words were like a sweet perfume that filled her being. They were words that bathed her turmoil and brought peace to her heart.

Her whole being rejoiced in praise as Jesus communicated with her. The voice was not auditable but she heard it. She heard deep within her soul. That voice flooded her mind with the promise that He would always be there. He would not leave or forsake her. Sitting in His presence, listening to Him speak, she knew that life was worth living.

He calmed her troubled mind as she asked Him to help her lean on Him and relax in His presence. Picking up the Bible from her lap she read His words of comfort. These words enveloped her like a warm blanket. The more she read the more she understood about this one that loved her so.

The quiet silence she once feared now became a joyous place. No longer afraid she left the silence to enter the world filled with noise and various voices that called to her.

Stillness and quiet became friends that allowed the still small voice of God’s son calling her. In this silent time spent with Jesus peace invaded her life. What was once frightening now was time longed for. The holy hush of silence allowed her to hear that still small voice of the one who loved her and gave his life for her and brought comfort.


Getting Ready to Travel

When I know that I am going to travel there are several things I do.  Since I am getting older…, ok who am I kidding, now that I am old there are things I need to accomplish before I put the suitcase in the car.

As a young person I rarely planned ahead.  About two hours before I needed to leave I would pull out the suitcase and begin throwing things in.  Somehow everything I needed was always there.  Now, it takes a longer time to plan and even then there are things I forget.

Lists are made, both mental and actual, and checked off so I am sure I have everything.  About two days or maybe three before I leave the suitcase is put on the bed in the spare room.  It is a matter of accumulating the stuff I am taking and putting it on the bed.  The night before leaving, all the things are arranged just so in the suitcase ready for the trip.  The last minute items like tooth brush, deodorant and makeup are packed after use the morning I am leaving.

At my destination upon opening my suitcase and looking at what I have packed I know I have brought way too many clothes and shoes and something I need is always missing.  Hmmm so much for planning.

There is one trip I know I will make and I have been planning this for many years.  When I leave this earthly home headed to my heavenly home, I will need to take nothing of this earth’s tangible things.

Everything is already provided.  I have need of nothing.  Did I plan for this trip?  Yes. The planning for this trip takes a life time.

My ticket was purchased by Jesus on Calvary.  It is a free gift for me and you also.  For this trip here are the requirements:

Faith in Jesus Christ
A life surrendered to Him completely
Faithfulness to what He requires
Obedience to His commands
Love in great measure
Trust in knowing Jesus is in control and knows what is best for me.
A daily walking in His promises

There are so many things I could list here but you get the idea.  For more requirements read the Life Manual God gave to us.  – The Bible tells us what is required.

I don’t know when I am leaving for this trip but I know this, no suitcases needed, no packing required because I have spent my life getting ready.

I am ready, are you?


What I Exchanged

Have you ever gone back to the store to exchange something?  At some time or another everyone probably has done this.  If you have the receipt you can exchange the product for something else, or get your money back.  Often it is a hassle to do this but some cases it is worth the wait.

When I came to Jesus Christ as my savior I did exactly this but the difference in this exchange was I received much more value that what I turned in.  I gave Him all the rags of my life and the empty hollowness of what I thought was important and He reached into His storehouse of love and abundantly supplied everything I needed and more.

For my guilt- He took it and gave me a clean conscience
For my pain and hurt – He provided me healing by the stripes He bore
For my grief – His comfort enfolded me
For my loneliness – His abiding presence is always there
For my fears – He let me know I was not alone
For my sadness – He brought laughter into my life
For my despair – there was hope
For my sin – My life became a clean slate cleansed by His blood
For my lost family –I became part of the family of God
For my sorrow – The oil of joy
For the ashes of my life – He gave me beauty
For my heavy heart – He gave me a garment of praise
For my weakness – His strength supported me
For the tears I shed – He wiped them away
For my spiritual blindness – My darkened eyes once blind now see

Each morning I find new mercies supplied by Father God.  In His presence, I am uplifted and hope springs up within my soul.  I have so much to be thankful for but God’s greatest gift to me was His son Jesus Christ who died for me.  His death allowed me to be redeemed from a life of misery and destruction.  “For God so loved the world..” John 3:16 – that’s not just the world that’s me.  He LOVES me and He LOVES you too.

In this exchange, He got all the useless junk of my life and I received the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.  I got the best of it all.

I am blessed.


Words to God

Oh God, the oil of your love pours over my dry and parched soul
seeping into all the hurts and pains of this life

Your love causes peace in my turmoil; bathes the sadness away
until joy springs forth deep within my crushed spirit

It anoints the hurts until healing comes and your refreshing rain
softens the parched places within

Your love brings calmness to the hurting soul and soothes the
inflamed wounds that others have left.

It refreshes like no other balm and cures like no other salve

It is you oh God, all that you are is what supplies whatever this
human requires

I run into your arms and your embrace lifts me to satisfaction and

Only the look from your eyes of love can give the quiet confidence
I need to finish what I have begun

Sitting in your presence, I am made complete
I am valued and you stir the depths of my being to want to please you

There in your arms, caressed by your love,comes the reality that
I am yours and you are mine

You will never let me go and gently beckon me
to walk life’s road together with you

When I can no longer walk, and I keep stumbling, you lift me
in strong arms and carry me and shoulder my burdens

I walk into all my days knowing you are by my side



Interrupted Prayer

I need to talk to my Heavenly Father
Hurry, hurry go your secret place
Sit, open Bible

I hadn’t been there long when the interrupter came to disturb my time
“God does not care about your trivial things” he said

Father, I breathed softly, “yes you do I know you do.”
I continued to talk with Him.
So many things were in my heart

Thank you Father for all you have done.
Thank you for answered prayers and your faithfulness

Once again the interrupter tried to remind me of things
I had asked for and prayers that were unanswered.
“See,” he said, “if God cared about you would have your answer.”

“God does answer,” I said. “It may not be the answer I want or in
the time frame I hoped for – but He hears and answers.”

Another interrupter
I hadn’t been in my quiet place long when I remembered I need to:
Make an appointment
The laundry needs doing
The kids need …..
I promised my friend that I ……
All of these things began to flood my mind and crowded out my
concentration on the one I came to meet with

Finally distractions ceased
The interrupter banished
Interrupting thoughts discarded
Quieted soul waiting to hear
Answers came
Fellowship sweet

Time well spent.


The Bug

Not long ago the bug hit when I opened one of the kitchen drawers. You know; that organizational bug that keeps nagging until you do something about the mess.  I like things in order and neatly put away but somehow disorder over takes all my good intentions. My husband is mostly the problem or at least I am going to blame it on him.

I never know when this bug will bite, but on any given day, after I open a drawer or a cupboard, this organizing bug keeps buzzing around until I give in. I tell myself just clean one or two drawers and then the next day do some more. It just doesn’t happen that way. I am all in and won’t stop until done. Now the drawers have been washed, disinfected and wiped dry. The silverware and utensil holders are back in place and everything has a place. Everything is bright and shiny again and in the place it is supposed to be in. Things I haven’t managed to use in a year, broken things, and miscellaneous junk now reside in the waste basket. The prized pieces of old used wire ties, pieces of paper, broken rubber bands and outdated spices are no longer there.

The spice shelves were part of this “bug bite” also. I decided to do this because I kept buying spices I thought I was out of but in reality I just couldn’t find them in the disarray. The out dated spices have been evicted and now reside in the trash ready to go to wherever old spices go.

While doing this the Lord spoke in my heart and said have you checked your life lately. Are there things there that are outdated? Are there old habits that still reside just because they make you comfortable? What about your priorities, are they in align? What are the drawers and shelves of your life stacked with and do you really need those things?

Ouch! I wasn’t expecting that. I really didn’t want to go there. I also know I can’t ignore God’s voice or find an excuse to not do what He is asking of me. Going to my quiet place, pulling out my Bible, I ask for God’s help to identify those things I need to discard. Some were old habits I should have left behind long ago, while other things in my life needed a closer look. Quietly sitting there I surrender to the Father and asked for His help. Not everything was bad or sinful, some were just things that cluttered my life and took me away from the time I spent doing His will.

A fresh start-yeah me. Free from clutter in my house and also in my life. The bug will bite again and I will look in closets and drawers and begin pulling things out.

As for my life, I want the Lord to daily remind me through His word that He is in control and He will help declutter my life.