A Welcome

Welcome to Heart Felt Words.

Some of these posts have been written because of life experiences and some because in my quiet times of reflection these words were written on my heart, heard in my soul and written down so I would remember.  I share these with you so that in some small way you know that you are not alone.  Whatever your response to these posts my hope is that they bring, comfort, some laughter and that they change you as much as they have changed me and caused me to reflect on the person that is me.


2 thoughts on “A Welcome

  1. I love your blog Zelma. I really enjoy the way you write and I can see God pouring into you during your intimate times with Him. Thank you so very much for sharing with the rest of us. Love you dear friend. You are an inspiration to so many, including me.

  2. I love your blog. The writings are so inspirational. You have a wonderful talent for teaching us to stop, listen and learn. Thank you for sharing.

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