Quiet Time Prayer

I just want to sit in your presence God.
I want to soak in your love

Though I have many needs and requests, for now I want
To praise you for who you are.

I want to think about your words written to me
your word is truth.

Lord, let the joy of your presence be sufficient
for this quiet time with you.

The echoes of songs of praise flood my mind
in addition, I stand in awe at your majesty.

My soul sings as I lift my silent thoughts to you.
My adoration soars past the clouds into your throne room.

Words fail for they seem inadequate to express my love.
It is your loving kindness that draws me to you, your wisdom becomes my
guidance for life and your truth sets me free to worship you.

When I count my blessings, I am overwhelmed at your faithfulness.
When I consider my failures and sins, your forgiveness amazes me
because my sins and failures are not remembered by you.

Your presence never leaves me in times of victory or defeat,
in times of health or sickness; in times of abundance or want,
for in all times and all seasons your love wraps my life in
your sustaining grace.

I run to you in all the times of my life and you are my strong tower of
defense and underneath of all my circumstances your everlasting arms
hold me.

You plan the path of my life and you guide me through
deserts, valleys and mountaintop experiences.

I rest upon your promises and safely place my trust in you.
You are everything to me and you are all I need.

I shall not be afraid for you continually hold my hand.



3 thoughts on “Quiet Time Prayer

  1. Thank God, for God! He is my best friend! He’s always there, when I need to share? I feel comfort, as my heartbeat slows down and my mind stops drifting. I leave my time, with God, having regained my self assurance in myself and my self esteem.
    These issues may return again but I have comfort in knowing that God is always willing to spend Quiet time, with me! BUT GOD!!

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