Just Talking To God

God, I hear your voice as you whisper in the wind as you blow through the trees. Sometimes as a wafting gentle breeze and at other times in the strong gusts of the wind and in the howling storm I can hear you say do not be afraid.

I see your beauty in majestic splendor as the sun rises in the morning sky and I see your incomparable majesty and artistry in the setting sun splashed upon the evening sky. I am moved to worship.

Drawn to your presence as I look and behold the grandeur of lofty mountain peaks as they point heavenward to your celestial home in the skies, I lift my voice in adoration.

You crafted trees and flowers each in different colors and shapes and sizes and dotted this planet earth with their unique beauty and it takes my breath away.

Your greatness is magnificent to me as I gaze upon the night sky and look upon the stars to many for me to count with my “naked” eye and you know them by name. I am more amazed that you know my name.

I get a glimpse of your power as I gaze at mighty waterfalls cascading in thunder and stand and watch the mighty ocean waves roar as they beat against the shore.

I am touched by your gentleness as I watch a spider weave his delicate lacey web and marvel as gentle raindrops fall and dress the web with delicate water crystals.

I am filled with wonder as I gaze upon nature’s colors resplendently blended in flower’s hues, lakes, oceans and desert sand and see the rainbow arch across the sky. The colors of your creation are indescribable and beautiful.

I sit in in silent contemplative worship as I think about the God that spoke worlds and universes into existence. I am humbled by such great love for me, that you God would give your Son, your only Son to die for my sins so that I can be reconciled to a right relationship with my Father, the God of the universe.

This insignificant one joins with all nature to sing your praise. I sing with the wind as it voices songs of praise, I lift my hands in surrender like the lofty trees that lift their branches in worship to their creator.

My body, soul and spirit join with all nature to sing HOW GREAT YOUR ARE.


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