Hear My Prayer

Hear my prayer God as I seek to worship you.

Your imperfect child can only come before a Holy God because
I have been cleansed and made clean by the blood of Jesus Christ

I stand before you and I am awed by your majesty
I am amazed that this one you created found mercy
and grace when I did not deserve it

I bow in your presence, filled with wonder as my
heart expresses my love to you

Your love wraps my soul and spirit with gentleness
and I am filled with peace

My mind overflows with thanksgiving for all the blessings
you have rained down into my life

I rejoice that one so unworthy was made worthy
to fellowship with you

I am comforted within to know you are always present
to hear my call

I am humbled that you are concerned with every aspect of
my life and you oversee my footsteps as I walk through my day

This heart lifts itself in adoration and praise, this soul rejoices
in your promises and my spirit soars into your presence of joy

My mortal words of thank you God are inadequate to
express all that I feel

So, for this day, as we walk together let my life glorify you.



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