Starting The Day

Early in the morning, I lift my voice to you to sing your praises. You alone Lord God are worthy of my love and adoration.

My heart overflows with thankfulness and I thank you for your never failing mercy, which amazes me. Your loving kindness sustains me in every situation. Your joy within my heart gives me strength. I am comforted within your arms of love and sheltered in your presence. With all that I am, body, soul and spirit I bow before you God. I surrender myself to you God to be your hand extended to a hurting world. Let me show your love and mercy to those around me as you have shown them to me. Show me your ways God. Make a path where there seems to be no way. Give me courage to walk in your precepts and faith as I consider your promises to me. Let me listen to your voice as you speak words of truth and let me trust always in your truth.

Though storms come, the wind howls and the rain comes in torrents, you are still God in the midst of the storm. In the calm peaceful days and the quiet stillness of a new day sunrise, you are still God. In the busyness and the rush of daily living and the pressures that surround life, you are still God.

I sit in your presence, and as I reflect upon who you are, I am blown away. To think that the God of all gods, the creator of heaven and earth, the orchestrator of universes cares for me is almost too much to comprehend. You loved and cared for me so much you sent your son Jesus to earth to die for my sins so that my relationship with an almighty God can be restored. You send the comfort of your Holy Spirit to teach and guide me into your perfect truth. How wonderful is that?

Daily as I come into your presence never let me take you for granted. Let me surrender myself every day to you God, so that I can do your will. Surround me with your mercy and let me be quick to turn to you in both good and difficult times.

I am thankful God for your love to me. Thank you for sending Jesus Christ so I can receive salvation and forgiveness. Thank you for the comfort of the Holy Spirit and His constant presence.

Now Lord, I am ready to start my day knowing you are always with me and you go before me. Order my steps today in your word.


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