The One I Serve

In the middle of the fiery furnace of circumstances,
while walking in the furnace, there is one that
walks in the fire that seeks to devour me.

In the raging storms, on the ocean of my life,
there is one that rides in my life’s boat who
says peace be still, and the storm is calmed.

While alone in the night and the sea of my life
rages with fear and doubt, you say come and
walk on the water with me and trust.
When I put my eyes on the circumstance
and begin to sink under the load you stretch you hand
and pull me out.

When the battle of life roars in fury and the tears fall, it
is you that reminds me “weeping endures for a
season but joy comes in the morning.”

When all my resources are at an end, and there is no
help in sight, you multiplied the loaves and
fishes and met the need of the multitude.

You remind me that in this journey I call life I need
to put on the whole armor of God so that I can defeat
the enemy that seeks to destroy and to stand firm, believe
and see the salvation of the Lord.

You Lord are my rock, my salvation and the strong
tower of safety. I run into your safety.

You remind me that you are greater in me than any thing
that comes against me.



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