Me, Myself and I

I decided I needed to talk to myself and me.  It was and is a conversation I need to have occasionally.

I launched into the discussion with me and the topic for this meeting of me was “A Crisis of Faith.”  I wondered if other people who have served the Lord wondered just where God is and is all of this I have believed really true.  For myself, deep down inside where me resides is a deep abiding faith and love for Jesus the one that redeemed me from sin.

It was the I and me that were having difficulty when myself joined in and asked some very serious questions.

Why do you think you are even asking this question?
Where do you think the thoughts are coming from?
If you don’t believe what is the alternative?

Myself is the one that holds truly to what Me and I believe.  All the studies, all the sermons and messages and truths that reside in the body shell that holds the three of us. They all have a part in keeping the vast amount of memories, facts and various tidbits of information cataloged and stored in the vast “computer” that makes up my brain. It is in my heart, the seat of my emotions, that really knows what all of us (me, myself and I) really believe.

The three of us, after a long debate answered this question –where are these thoughts coming from?  The we (meaning me, myself and I) knew immediately where this came from.  The enemy of our soul, the liar Satan, aka the Devil was trying to plant the seeds of doubt in the soil of my soul.  He was a tenacious seed sower who kept trying to nourish the small seeds of doubt to blossom and destroy what God was cultivating in my life.  I reminded me and myself of a line in a song “has fear and doubt come against you mind, has your faith been sorely tried.”  Yes we all answered.  This is where we are.  Another line from that same song floated through our thoughts. “Lift up your eyes here comes your help.”  This brought Psalms 121 to our collective thoughts, “I will lift up my eyes to the hills from where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1,2 ESV version.

One question answered, now for the other two.  I said to me and to myself you are asking this because you don’t understand what is happening in the circumstances around you.  We all took a look at what was happening around us in the various parts of our life. We looked backward to all the happenings and events of our life that brought us to this moment.  The three of us all said at once if we don’t believe what is the alternative?  Long discussions ensued over this question.  All of us agreed we did not like the alternative and decided we would not entertain those thoughts, so we brought those negative and troubling thoughts of doubt and gave them to the one who sits on the throne of authority in our life, Jesus Christ, God’s only son.  We listened to Him as He told us the enemy of our soul would love nothing more than to cover your eyes with the cloak of deception and cause you to fall away from the love of Father God.

Me, Myself, and I made a declaration that day – our faith still holds unto Jesus Christ who is the author and finisher of our faith.  We choose to allow Jesus to help us banish doubt and fear and ask the Father to destroy the seeds of these insidious plants trying to destroy the garden of our heart and to strengthen our faith.

Will this conversation take place again, maybe, but the three of us (Me, Myself and I) know where to go to get the answers.


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