Words to God

Oh God, the oil of your love pours over my dry and parched soul
seeping into all the hurts and pains of this life

Your love causes peace in my turmoil; bathes the sadness away
until joy springs forth deep within my crushed spirit

It anoints the hurts until healing comes and your refreshing rain
softens the parched places within

Your love brings calmness to the hurting soul and soothes the
inflamed wounds that others have left.

It refreshes like no other balm and cures like no other salve

It is you oh God, all that you are is what supplies whatever this
human requires

I run into your arms and your embrace lifts me to satisfaction and

Only the look from your eyes of love can give the quiet confidence
I need to finish what I have begun

Sitting in your presence, I am made complete
I am valued and you stir the depths of my being to want to please you

There in your arms, caressed by your love,comes the reality that
I am yours and you are mine

You will never let me go and gently beckon me
to walk lifeโ€™s road together with you

When I can no longer walk, and I keep stumbling, you lift me
in strong arms and carry me and shoulder my burdens

I walk into all my days knowing you are by my side



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