Today, My Morning Prayer

This morning God my heart and soul cry out to you.                                                           I want to tell you that I love you more than life.

Thank you for this day.  From the first ray of morning light                                                you have planned my day and know what is before me

I can safely walk in the minutes and hours of today knowing that everything                     in my waking and sleeping hours are known to you

Your love overshadows me and you send your angels to keep watch                         over me.  I am so loved and blessed.

Tether my heart and soul to you Father with strong cords of love                                    so when the waves of doubt and fear crash against my life I can stand strong.

Speak words, your holy words deep into my heart and let me not                               forget them.  I know they are life to me.

Cause me to focus on your plan for my life and not the way I want to go,                       but your way Lord.  Lead me in a plain path and guard my footsteps on this                   life journey

Open my eyes to the needs of others around me and let me speak uplifting             words of hope and faith into hurting lives.

You are my rock, my shield and my fortress and a strong defense against the     schemes and plans the enemy would use to destroy.

From the dawning of my day until I place my head on the pillow you are there       beside me – thank you.

When I close my eyes in sleep you are there seeing me through the night hours         and I am cocooned in your deep and abiding love.

Thank you Father God and when I wake again tomorrow,  I know your presence     goes before me and I am ready to face another day again.


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