Words to God

Oh God, the oil of your love pours over my dry and parched soul
seeping into all the hurts and pains of this life

Your love causes peace in my turmoil; bathes the sadness away
until joy springs forth deep within my crushed spirit

It anoints the hurts until healing comes and your refreshing rain
softens the parched places within

Your love brings calmness to the hurting soul and soothes the
inflamed wounds that others have left.

It refreshes like no other balm and cures like no other salve

It is you oh God, all that you are is what supplies whatever this
human requires

I run into your arms and your embrace lifts me to satisfaction and

Only the look from your eyes of love can give the quiet confidence
I need to finish what I have begun

Sitting in your presence, I am made complete
I am valued and you stir the depths of my being to want to please you

There in your arms, caressed by your love,comes the reality that
I am yours and you are mine

You will never let me go and gently beckon me
to walk life’s road together with you

When I can no longer walk, and I keep stumbling, you lift me
in strong arms and carry me and shoulder my burdens

I walk into all my days knowing you are by my side



Today, My Morning Prayer

This morning God my heart and soul cry out to you.                                                           I want to tell you that I love you more than life.

Thank you for this day.  From the first ray of morning light                                                you have planned my day and know what is before me

I can safely walk in the minutes and hours of today knowing that everything                     in my waking and sleeping hours are known to you

Your love overshadows me and you send your angels to keep watch                         over me.  I am so loved and blessed.

Tether my heart and soul to you Father with strong cords of love                                    so when the waves of doubt and fear crash against my life I can stand strong.

Speak words, your holy words deep into my heart and let me not                               forget them.  I know they are life to me.

Cause me to focus on your plan for my life and not the way I want to go,                       but your way Lord.  Lead me in a plain path and guard my footsteps on this                   life journey

Open my eyes to the needs of others around me and let me speak uplifting             words of hope and faith into hurting lives.

You are my rock, my shield and my fortress and a strong defense against the     schemes and plans the enemy would use to destroy.

From the dawning of my day until I place my head on the pillow you are there       beside me – thank you.

When I close my eyes in sleep you are there seeing me through the night hours         and I am cocooned in your deep and abiding love.

Thank you Father God and when I wake again tomorrow,  I know your presence     goes before me and I am ready to face another day again.


Ok God Let’s Talk

Maybe you don’t address God in that manner but I talk to God like I might talk to you.  I am not being irreverent but I have a wonderful relationship with my Heavenly Father and I am comfortable in just being me in my conversations with Him.  If you were to overhear my talking to him it might sound like the following.


You have given me another year.  Thank you.

For life and strength and health I am so blessed that there are no major complications.

You are such an awesome Father and I adore and worship you. There are no words to describe my love for you and if I spent a lifetime in just praising you it would not convey all that is in my heart.

You never fail to listen.  Your words are life and strength.  Your corrections and instructions for my life are covered in love and they are rich in mercy and grace. I stand amazed by your love for me and feel so unworthy. It is your love and forgiveness that makes me worthy to be called your child.

Like any child to a parent, there are always the “wants.” I know you care about these, but never let me forget that you are not just there for the wants and needs but that you care more about who I am and that I live this life according to your ways.

At the beginning of this year, I just want to praise you and tell you how much you mean to me.  You are everything I need.  You are my comfort.  You are my peace.  I worship and adore you Father God.

God, These are the things I need you to help me with this year:I

I want your help in all my relationships and friendships.Help me see the value that you see in others and not to prejudge according to my standards.

Help me see the value that you see in others and not to prejudge according to my standards.Let me look beyond the obvious and see great possibilities.

Let me look beyond the obvious and see great possibilities.

Help me draw close to your heart and make a difference in my world.

Change those things in my life that are not pleasing to you.

Lord let the prayer that David prayed be mine:

“Create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me

Cast me not away from your presence Oh Lord and take not your

Holy Spirit from within me.  Restore unto me the joy of your salvation

And uphold me by your generous Spirit.  Psalms 51:10-12

Thank you for listening.  We will talk about other things I am sure, but this is quite a list for now and only you know where this will take me.

I love you God – Amen


A Child’s Prayer

I love to hear little children talk to God.  They just simply talk to God from the heart or from a prayer learned early in their life.  Maybe you remember this one.  I don’t know who wrote the prayer but it goes like this:

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take.

I traced this simple prayer back to somewhere around 1800 but I could not find the author.  Intrigued by this child’s prayer, I wrote these words just to remind me of the power in a simple prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep:

Sleep is something that does not come easy for some.  Have you wondered why?  Our minds are too busy and our brain is crammed with all the activities of the day.  Is it because we catalogue all the busyness we have left undone or we list what we need to do tomorrow?  Perhaps we are afraid or fearful if we close our eyes in sleep we might not wake up.  Maybe you have not had restless, sleepless nights but I have.  I love what Psalms says about our laying down to sleep.

Psalm 4:8 (KJV)
I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only make me dwell in safety.

I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only make me dwell in safety.

At day’s end I’m ready for sound sleep,
For you, God, have put my life back together.(The Message Bible)

In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You, Lord, alone make me dwell in safety and confident trust. (AMP Bible)

I pray the Lord my soul to keep:

All that concerns me I can confidently place in God my father’s hands.  I know I can trust him to keep all things.  Most importantly, if I have committed my life to Jesus Christ,  my soul is secure within His love.  Whatever happens to the temporal and earthy treasure I have acquired my eternal soul is kept safe and secure.

I if should die before I wake:

It seems that nighttime for seriously ill people is especially difficult.  Maybe the fear of not being in control of what is happening causes you not to sleep.  Often it is in the wee hours of the night, when the body is at its lowest ebb that death calls for the eternal soul of man and the person slips into eternity.

I pray the Lord my soul to take:

Like the old hymn, written by Horatio Spafford,  It is Well With My Soul lets me know I have nothing to fear for I know I can sleep peacefully when I trust in Jesus.  He keeps my soul securely in His hands.  Day or night asleep or awake, when my time on earth ends, He will take my soul to live forever in eternity with Him.

Could it be that as adults we need to remember this prayer and say it once more


As I Sit and Pray

In my quiet time with God, I finish reading passages I select in the Old and New Testament. As I begin my prayer of conversation with Him, the inner struggle begins.

I start with thanksgiving to the one who redeemed me back into a right relationship with God my Father. I tell Him how much I love Him.

The intruder, the deceiver comes and whispers in my thoughts. Yes, you love God
but how can He possibly love you. Just look at what you have done, what you have
said in the past week. Think about the thoughts you had.

I call to God –Help Father. I believe you love me. I know you love me you word tells me so. I begin to thank God for His provision in my life.

Again, the accuser of my soul whispers – Oh really. He is ready with a laundry
list of things. Did God provide this, did God provide that. God is too busy to
care about you.

You are wrong I silently answer back. Thank you Lord for your presence with me each day.

You are kidding yourself, the evil one says. Do you really think that God
has time for you. He is busy with the world and with important people. You
are just a nothing.

I lose concentration in praying and think maybe; just maybe God is too busy. Self-doubt tries to intrude in my thoughts and make me believe I am not important to God. Then God’s word floods my mind, “I will never leave you, I will never forsake you.” God loves me so much He sent His Son, His only Son to die in my place. He bought me back and paid the price for my soul.

In silent contemplation within my mind, I begin to worship my Savior. You are Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace, and Everlasting Father I whisper in prayer. You are my Healer and Provider and I worship you.

Once more Satan comes and says give up. Surrender to me. I can grant you
all your desires. I will give you wealth and fame. Just forsake following after
God. He really doesn’t care.

Loudly I scream within my soul. Go away Satan; you are a liar and a deceiver. I begin to praise God as the tears roll down my face. I feel God’s presence cloak me in His love. I hear His love song released within my spirit. I sing back to Him. I’m redeemed by your love divine. Other songs learned throughout my life surface on the screen of my remembrance. “It will be worth it all when we (I) see Jesus—life’s trials will seem so small when we see Him.”
The more I affirm my love for God, the more I speak His name in praise the more I sense His presence. As I lift my heart in praise, the chains of doubt begin to break. My soul sings and my spirit rises in victory from despair.

I am a child of the king, I am forgiven, I am loved and I am His and He is mine.

I am ready to face my day confident of who I am in Christ Jesus.


Reflecting on the Lord’s Prayer

My Reflections On the Lord’s Prayer
On many occasions, I have often repeated the Lord’s prayer. It is so familiar that the words just come out some times without much thought. It is a prayer most people know. Often recited in church on Sunday, at funerals and maybe at weddings, I wonder if we really consider what we say.

Recently I stopped as I began repeating the words. I questioned myself. Do I really know what I am saying? Do I really believe and mean that prayer. Sitting silently in my secret place with God I stopped to meditate on this prayer. Here are my inner thoughts and I share them with you.

Yes, God you really are my Father, and you are the one who gives me life. Do I have a good understanding of you as a father? My earthly father was not the greatest example of what a father should be. Do I reflect that earthly image upon you or have I allowed you to redefine what a father really should be.

Heaven? Just where is heaven and what is it truly like? Heaven is your dwelling place and the Bible tells me much about your dwelling place. Your Son Jesus promised that there were many mansions there, He left this world and went back to heaven and said we can go there also. I look forward to that day when all of your children gather home in Father’s place.

What can I say, you name is so holy and righteous that I whisper it as I pray. A name so revered. In this prayer, I acknowledge just how holy you are.

God this world will finally be at peace when you establish your kingdom here on earth. I look for that day God when you will rule this world again.

I seek Lord each day for your will in my life. I want to walk in your ways God.

We certainly have messed up your earth Father. If we would just learn your ways the earth, this planet we reside on would certainly be a better place.

You have absolute authority in Heaven – Lord one day you will have absolute authority on this earth. There is no question in Heaven as to who rules.

God we have so much and we forget that you are the giver of everything. We are a selfish bunch and are not content with your daily provisions. It seems we are never content. We truly would be better served if we concentrated on our daily bread.

AND FORGIVE US OUR DEBTS (trespasses, sins)
I like this part. I need your forgiveness. The weight of my sins is heavy but your forgiveness brings freedom to my life. I just need to ask in sincerity Father, and you forgive.

This is the hard part. Sometimes I do not want to forgive. The hurt was so great that it seems I cannot relinquish the hurt. I know if I hold that grudge and un-forgiveness in my heart I will be the one destroyed inside. I find freedom in releasing and forgiving. When I do this, I find forgiveness for myself.

I don’t need help to find temptation I do this by my own selfish ways. I allow myself to be in compromising situations and I find myself asking, “How could I let this happen? Lord keep me from the temptation of this world.

I know, in my heart of hearts, you are the deliverer. You are the only one who can truly deliver me from the evil of this world and keep me in you love and grace.

This whole world belongs to you and Lord you are the King of Kings. You are my God and King and I acknowledge your leadership and ownership of my life

All power in heaven and earth belong to you. I stand in awe.

I know that this finite mind cannot comprehend your glory God. Your glory is beyond compare and there is nothing like your glory.

Unending, eternal, everlasting are words that come to my mind when I think of forever. Your word tells us “…And He shall reign forever and ever.”

So next time you repeat the Lord’s Prayer, stop and think about what you are praying. It just might change the way you think and pray.


Quiet Time Prayer

I just want to sit in your presence God.
I want to soak in your love

Though I have many needs and requests, for now I want
To praise you for who you are.

I want to think about your words written to me
your word is truth.

Lord, let the joy of your presence be sufficient
for this quiet time with you.

The echoes of songs of praise flood my mind
in addition, I stand in awe at your majesty.

My soul sings as I lift my silent thoughts to you.
My adoration soars past the clouds into your throne room.

Words fail for they seem inadequate to express my love.
It is your loving kindness that draws me to you, your wisdom becomes my
guidance for life and your truth sets me free to worship you.

When I count my blessings, I am overwhelmed at your faithfulness.
When I consider my failures and sins, your forgiveness amazes me
because my sins and failures are not remembered by you.

Your presence never leaves me in times of victory or defeat,
in times of health or sickness; in times of abundance or want,
for in all times and all seasons your love wraps my life in
your sustaining grace.

I run to you in all the times of my life and you are my strong tower of
defense and underneath of all my circumstances your everlasting arms
hold me.

You plan the path of my life and you guide me through
deserts, valleys and mountaintop experiences.

I rest upon your promises and safely place my trust in you.
You are everything to me and you are all I need.

I shall not be afraid for you continually hold my hand.



Just Talking To God

God, I hear your voice as you whisper in the wind as you blow through the trees. Sometimes as a wafting gentle breeze and at other times in the strong gusts of the wind and in the howling storm I can hear you say do not be afraid.

I see your beauty in majestic splendor as the sun rises in the morning sky and I see your incomparable majesty and artistry in the setting sun splashed upon the evening sky. I am moved to worship.

Drawn to your presence as I look and behold the grandeur of lofty mountain peaks as they point heavenward to your celestial home in the skies, I lift my voice in adoration.

You crafted trees and flowers each in different colors and shapes and sizes and dotted this planet earth with their unique beauty and it takes my breath away.

Your greatness is magnificent to me as I gaze upon the night sky and look upon the stars to many for me to count with my “naked” eye and you know them by name. I am more amazed that you know my name.

I get a glimpse of your power as I gaze at mighty waterfalls cascading in thunder and stand and watch the mighty ocean waves roar as they beat against the shore.

I am touched by your gentleness as I watch a spider weave his delicate lacey web and marvel as gentle raindrops fall and dress the web with delicate water crystals.

I am filled with wonder as I gaze upon nature’s colors resplendently blended in flower’s hues, lakes, oceans and desert sand and see the rainbow arch across the sky. The colors of your creation are indescribable and beautiful.

I sit in in silent contemplative worship as I think about the God that spoke worlds and universes into existence. I am humbled by such great love for me, that you God would give your Son, your only Son to die for my sins so that I can be reconciled to a right relationship with my Father, the God of the universe.

This insignificant one joins with all nature to sing your praise. I sing with the wind as it voices songs of praise, I lift my hands in surrender like the lofty trees that lift their branches in worship to their creator.

My body, soul and spirit join with all nature to sing HOW GREAT YOUR ARE.


Hear My Prayer

Hear my prayer God as I seek to worship you.

Your imperfect child can only come before a Holy God because
I have been cleansed and made clean by the blood of Jesus Christ

I stand before you and I am awed by your majesty
I am amazed that this one you created found mercy
and grace when I did not deserve it

I bow in your presence, filled with wonder as my
heart expresses my love to you

Your love wraps my soul and spirit with gentleness
and I am filled with peace

My mind overflows with thanksgiving for all the blessings
you have rained down into my life

I rejoice that one so unworthy was made worthy
to fellowship with you

I am comforted within to know you are always present
to hear my call

I am humbled that you are concerned with every aspect of
my life and you oversee my footsteps as I walk through my day

This heart lifts itself in adoration and praise, this soul rejoices
in your promises and my spirit soars into your presence of joy

My mortal words of thank you God are inadequate to
express all that I feel

So, for this day, as we walk together let my life glorify you.



Starting The Day

Early in the morning, I lift my voice to you to sing your praises. You alone Lord God are worthy of my love and adoration.

My heart overflows with thankfulness and I thank you for your never failing mercy, which amazes me. Your loving kindness sustains me in every situation. Your joy within my heart gives me strength. I am comforted within your arms of love and sheltered in your presence. With all that I am, body, soul and spirit I bow before you God. I surrender myself to you God to be your hand extended to a hurting world. Let me show your love and mercy to those around me as you have shown them to me. Show me your ways God. Make a path where there seems to be no way. Give me courage to walk in your precepts and faith as I consider your promises to me. Let me listen to your voice as you speak words of truth and let me trust always in your truth.

Though storms come, the wind howls and the rain comes in torrents, you are still God in the midst of the storm. In the calm peaceful days and the quiet stillness of a new day sunrise, you are still God. In the busyness and the rush of daily living and the pressures that surround life, you are still God.

I sit in your presence, and as I reflect upon who you are, I am blown away. To think that the God of all gods, the creator of heaven and earth, the orchestrator of universes cares for me is almost too much to comprehend. You loved and cared for me so much you sent your son Jesus to earth to die for my sins so that my relationship with an almighty God can be restored. You send the comfort of your Holy Spirit to teach and guide me into your perfect truth. How wonderful is that?

Daily as I come into your presence never let me take you for granted. Let me surrender myself every day to you God, so that I can do your will. Surround me with your mercy and let me be quick to turn to you in both good and difficult times.

I am thankful God for your love to me. Thank you for sending Jesus Christ so I can receive salvation and forgiveness. Thank you for the comfort of the Holy Spirit and His constant presence.

Now Lord, I am ready to start my day knowing you are always with me and you go before me. Order my steps today in your word.